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Loudmouth Clothing Cyprus

LM13 Model  06Loudmouth is a clothing company based in California known for “flamboyant and fun” clothing. Golfer John Daly plays in “loudmouth” clothing on the major tours and the Norwegian curling team drew international attention at the 2010 Winter Olympics by wearing loudmouth as their uniform. Loudmouth is an international brand and recognized as the leading brand in outrageous, fun apparel for fun people.

LM13 Model  03We are delighted to be the sole franchised distributor on the island and we can offer you Loudmouth products without the shipping costs. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd when playing golf, at the beach, surfing, skiing or simply just going out shopping then Loudmouth is definitely for you.

For the golfers we also offer Loudmouth Accessories, fun covers for your clubs, towels, ball markers and pitch mark repairers and Winning Edge Golf Accessories.

Please use the link to go to our Loudmouth Clothing Cyprus website for our full catalogues and prices. Keep checking the site as new ranges are coming on stream all the time.